Friday, 11 November 2011

Textile Field

If, like me, you find yourself inexplicably overcome with tiredness as soon as you set foot inside an art gallery then this is for you. The V&A have, as part of the London Design Festival, installed Textile Field. Take your shoes off, lie back, and enjoy the art from a different angle.

The art happens to be the Raphael Cartoons, not something I - or I suspect many other people - would normally dwell on, by changing the viewing context the V&A has succeeded in engaging a new audience with these works.

Good lesson here for other types of experience. If something isn't working we often rush to change the content, a different approach is to think about the context.

I can't bring myself to find a torturous link with the below photo of Wilco's recent gig at the Roundhouse, but the upside down standard lamps above the band were inspired.